Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for breaking ground and moving in?

We’re working through the County’s site approval process now. Here’s our projected schedule:

  • Conceptual house design ready by Oct 25.2019

  • Estimated pricing ready by Jan 1.2020

  • Final site plan approval from Albemarle County by June 1.2020

  • Begin site work by July 15.2020

  • Start construction of homes Sept 15.2020

  • Complete first set of homes and site work by June 1.2021

  • Complete total project by June 1.2022

What types of houses will there be at EcoVillage?

All 38 homes will be privately owned. We’ll have 11 detached homes and 27 attached homes. We are in discussions with with Habitat for Humanity regarding affordable housing. Depending on the design and location in the property, some homes will have optional garages or accessory units. All of our homes will have porches and easy access to green space.

How much will homes cost?

Estimated pricing is expected to be available now by Jan 1.2020. In line with current market new home prices, the range will be $300K to low $500K.

How do I get involved? What’s the difference between the Mailing List , the Wait List, and the Member Reservation List?

Mailing List: To receive updates on progress at EcoVillage, sign up for the Mailing List using the Get In Touch form.

Wait List: If you’re considering active involvement in designing the Common House, sitting down to discuss and determine EcoVillage community governance, and securing a place in the community, please ask to be included on our Wait List. At this time, EcoVillage is keeping a growing list of future residents. Joining our Wait List requires filling out a short application. There is no charge to be on our Wait List, and you are not obliged to participate in designing EcoVillage – you’re not becoming a member, you’re just letting us know you are taking a close look at membership. Families on the Wait List will be given advance notice of the most important milestones, for example, when homes become available for sale.

Member Reservation List: The next step will be joining our Membership Reservation List, which will require paying a one-time member reservation fee of $1,000.

In early 2020, when we have at least 20 reservations, Reservation List members be invited to the first meetings as we determine our community governance structure, primarily through the group’s development of Home Owners Association rules. There are a number of ways to develop HOA rules, some associations will just adopt “boilerplate” agreements off-the-shelf. We’re not interested in boilerplate. Our plan is to create our HOA agreement together using facilitated consent decision-making and dynamic self-governance. Over the course of several months, EcoVillage members will apply principles of sociocracy to do this. You can learn more about sociocracy here: What is Sociocracy? The Reservation List group will work together to create the design, use, and operations of the Common House and common grounds. The final HOA structure, rules, and common costs will also be developed by members.

When will binding contracts be available?

Once the project is bonded with county, we’ll begin the site work (anticipated for mid-summer 2020). At that time, we will begin accepting binding contracts for the purchase of the homes.

How will you connect to the Charlottesville/central Virginia community?

Through outreach and programs, EcoVillage hopes to educate the greater community about ways to reduce our carbon footprint and create clean energy. Students and professors at UVa and Virginia Tech continue to work with us on innovative “green” technologies.