Welcome to EcoVillage Charlottesville


We’re developing a new cohousing neighborhood 1.5 miles from Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. Our aim is to create an intentional sustainable community where homeowners not only increase their ecological footprint but also get to know each other well.


Thoughtful Design

Ours is a world where interconnectedness and sustainable living are becoming increasingly important. At EcoVillage, we’re striving to generate energy at home, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and practice stewardship as a close knit neighborhood. We believe that by putting the pieces in place to conserve and protect natural resources, community spirit can flourish.

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Learn More

In May, the site received preliminary approval from the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. We’re planning to break ground in 2020. We’d love to show you the site plan renderings and architectural designs up close so that you can imagine the possibilities.