Site Plan

Because of the focus on sustainable, green features,
EcoVillage will be like no other neighborhood in Charlottesville.

Parking and roads are on the periphery.

We’re exploring and considering the following community features:

Illustration credit VA Tech

  • Layout–capturing wind and sun to cool and heat with a balance of individual privacy and share community experience

  • Solar panels for community use–Common House roof, pump storm water from underground cisterns to elevated holding tanks, power storage, electric car connections

  • Storm water quality management–bio swales, stream paths, irrigation, residential use, regeneration of ground water

  • Walkability/lighting–cars park on the periphery, connections to Rivanna Trail

  • Community gardens–rainwater collection, hydroponics demonstrations, composting

  • Landscaping with native species

  • Reusing existing trees–on-site milling, mulch

Conceptual illustrations of airflow through homes to maximize natural ventilation.

Arrows indicate air flow and wind direction through the site.


Preliminary house designs are underway!
Currently, architects are developing floor plans, roof designs, and exterior aesthetics of the 38 new homes.

Some homes will have garages or accessory units

The following features are in consideration:

  • Net zero/positive

  • Passive heating and cooling–window glazing, stairway chimney, window orientation

  • All electric–HVAC, water heater, cook top and oven

  • Gray water plumbing–future benefit

  • Utility monitoring–wireless metering on water fixtures, Smart Electric Panel system

  • Technology–residence app for connection to house, Smart appliances, aggregate data for community and outside users, alerts, security, programming of house features

  • Education–data feedback, updates

  • Solar panels

  • High speed Wifi

  • Rainwater system

  • Energy storage opportunities–electric car re-direct feature(s), batteries, future opportunity platforms

    Competitive with new market-rate housing, our 1000-2400 sq. ft. homes will range from $300K to low $500K.

Many homes will be south-facing.

Common House

Once we have the commitment of 20 future residents, they will have the opportunity to work together to design the proposed 4000+ sq. ft. Common House. Residents may consider having shared office space or guest rooms available in Common House. Whether through weekly community meals, serendipitous meet ups, or Skill Shares, neighbors will have ample opportunity to get to know each other.


Some other ideas to consider:

  • Rooftop landscaping and wind turbine

  • Hydroelectric generation

  • DC electrical use–recharging phones, lighting, rechargeable devices

  • Passive heating and cooling

  • Hydroponics demonstration

  • Recycling/waste management

  • Data management of community energy usage

  • Exercise machine energy generation

  • Energy storage solutions

  • Education–online classes, TED talks, guest and local speakers